CEO of PLOCAN for sustainable ocean growth based on aquaculture and marine renewable energies

The director of PLOCAN, José Joaquín Hernández Brito has highlighted the importance of the development and growth of a sustainable ocean economy, focused on sustainable production, effective protection and equitable progress, based on a close relationship between offshore aquaculture and marine renewable energies.

Hernández Brito participated in the session “Synergies: offshore aquaculture and renewable energies” included in the online seminar “Practical case of integration of offshore aquaculture in the Canary Islands”, which was organized by the AquaHub Offshore project promoted by the AQUAHUB Network. It was co-organised by Cetecima, RedCIDE and the Government of the Canary Islands and with the collaboration of the Biodiversity Foundation of MITECO.

The AquaHub Offshore project has among its main objectives to improve the positioning of the Spanish aquaculture sector within the European Blue Growth strategy through the promotion of offshore aquaculture, to promote the creation of research and innovation programs and applied training that enhance the development of offshore aquaculture, and to improve knowledge management, transfer of R+D+i results and offshore aquaculture networking.

The director of PLOCAN has pointed out the need to promote the efficient use of the natural environment, the collaboration between the different stakeholders promoting interdisciplinarity, the creation and development of projects led by companies with scientific support and new collaboration formulas between the public and private sector, and the promotion of a legislative framework to joint projects.

The objective of the seminar was to present a practical case of regional cross-sectional integration, where the different aspects that affect the development of offshore aquaculture with application in a Spanish region such as the Canary Islands were presented, bringing together representatives of most of the parties involved (Administration, producers, Research Centres, Marine Protected Area managers, NGOs, etc.).

The seminar was framed within the activities of the AquaHub Offshore project, developed by the work Network to promote the development of Spanish marine aquaculture in the Blue Growth environment (AQUAHUB Network) and presented to the 2020 call of the Pleamar Program of the Biodiversity Foundation of the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge and co-financed with FEMP Funds.

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