SENSORBRAGG: Development and implementation of Bragg network interrogator for monitoring in marine environments.

In recent years the rapid development in fibre optic technology has led to the emergence of a multitude of related applications.

Within the field of sensor technology, fibre optic sensors are becoming competitive with traditional sensors due to the unique advantages they offer. Some of these advantages are immunity to electromagnetic interference, low weight and volume, robustness to corrosion, long lifetime, multiplexing and the ability to measure over long distances without the need to power the sensors locally. Among the fibre optic sensors, Fiber Bragg Gratting (FBG) allows the measurement of deformations, temperatures, pressures and vibrations among other parameters.

Therefore, the overall objective of the SensorBragg project is to develop a Bragg network interrogator that can be used in marine environments. The specific objectives are as follows: Enable, acquire and store data from FBG sensors that can be interpreted as different physical quantities depending on the application.

Program and Call for proposals

Convocatoria en tramitación anticipada para el ejercicio 2019, de subvenciones a empresas de alta tecnología e intensivas en conocimiento en áreas prioritarias de la RIS3 (EATIC 2019)

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138.700,00 €

Cost for PLOCAN

12.000,00 €

Total funded

138.700,00 €

Financed for PLOCAN

12.000,00 €


Sensorlab, S.L. (ES)


Sensorlab, S.L. (ES)

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