PLOCAN SPACEPORT: Conceptual Engineering of a Floating Infrastructure Prototype for the Launching of Microsatellites / Minisatellites in the Maritime Zone of the Canary Islands. Concept Models, Feasibility and Socio-Economic Impact Studies

The project aims to establish the feasibility of a sea-based satellite launch infrastructure in the maritime area of the Canary Islands based on the requirements of the national and international market for the segment weighing up to 300 kg (micro and mini satellites). The feasibility of the project will be studied considering its various aspects and risks, in the technical, scientific, operational, economic, environmental, social and regulatory fields, taking as a starting point the international references and precedents of this launching approach from the marine environment and carrying out consultations with the interested agents, both locally, nationally and internationally, with the aim of obtaining direct information and promoting a process of co-design of the actions where appropriate. The project will make it possible to study the macroeconomic impact on the value chain in Spain and the Canary Islands, as well as to establish multipurpose business models for floating infrastructures for their application to the space industry and other activities related to the blue economy.

Program and Call for proposals

Convocatoria de Iniciativas Científico- Tecnológicas en el ámbito público para el fortalecimiento de las Instituciones e Infraestructuras de I+D+I

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End date


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850.000,00 €

Cost for PLOCAN

850.000,00 €

Total funded

850.000,00 €

Financed for PLOCAN

850.000,00 €





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