ODA: Onboard Data Analyzer

It is proposed to carry out a technical and economic feasibility study for the future development of a tool (software+hardware), called ODA (Onboard Data Analyzer) that allows the analysis of the data packets arriving at a ship, with the objective of extracting the flat or pure data arriving at the ship in order to send it to the different systems or applications that require it. If malware is associated with the flat data, it will remain in ODA preventing it from passing to the rest of the on-board network and will emulate that the ship has been infected in order to stop receiving new attacks.

The complexity, criticality and peculiarities of on-board systems make it necessary to carry out an in-depth study that will allow us to determine the feasibility of ODA, clearly establishing the scope, human, technical and economic resources required and development times for its development. The chances of the ODA project being viable are very high, but it requires a thorough technical and economic feasibility analysis for further development. This is a totally innovative project aligned with the Connected Industry 4.0 strategy and focused on cybersecurity and the integration of OT/IT systems in the maritime sector.

Currently, there is no ODA tool on the market and if viable, it represents a major technological challenge in the areas of communications and data processing and the hybridisation between the physical and digital worlds. ODA is aligned with the European Commission’s Blue Growth Communication to support the sustainable growth of the EU’s marine-maritime sectors, which recognises the importance of the seas and oceans as drivers of the European economy due to their great potential for innovation and growth, and at a territorial level, with the Canary Islands Smart Specialisation Strategy (RIS3), which considers the blue economy as one of the priorities for the region for the period 2014-2020 due to the strengths of this sector of activity and the socio-economic and environmental conditions of the archipelago to promote activities linked to the sea, in the territory and in other EU Atlantic regions, as is the case of the proposal to be drawn up.

This project has received funding from the Ministry of Economy, Industry and Competitiveness (MINECO) within the support programme for Innovative Business Associations (AEI) to contribute to improving the competitiveness of Spanish industry.

ODA: Onboard Data Analyzer

Program and Call for proposals

Asociaciones Empresariales Innovadoras

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99.129,00 €

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10.062,00 €

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67.377,00 €

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Clúster Marítimo de Canarias (ES)



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