MAMPALMA: Environmental monitoring of the marine environment in the area affected by the La Palma volcano by means of vehicles and automated instrumental observation platforms.

The main objective is to provide information and data with high spatial and temporal resolution of the marine area where the volcanic lava flows have reached the sea. In particular, the observation of the essential variables of the maritime area affected by the volcano will be carried out using an innovative cooperation model based on digital integration for an intelligent management of the marine environment, combining information from point sampling, fixed moorings, unmanned vehicles, remote sensors, in collaboration with other groups and entities that are working in the area.

The project also aims to generate baseline data and variability typical of the study area outside the affected area with similar characteristics in order to understand the disturbance produced by lava on natural processes, and thus contribute to their potential recovery once the eruptive process ceases. Its ambition is to consolidate reference data for all researchers and interested agents, demonstrating and promoting the conservation of the marine environment, progressing in the environmental quality of the environment and its sustainable use.

Finally, the project will bring innovations in sensor technology, robotics, data processing, visualisation and services, providing solutions to the management needs of the marine area concerned.

Program and Call for proposals

Concesión directa de subvenciones a organismos y entidades para la realización de actividades de investigación, desarrollo e innovación en el ámbito de las erupciones volcánicas y garantizar la continuidad de la actividad científica, técnica e investigadora desarrollada por las administraciones públicas y entidades vinculadas, dependientes o adscritas a las mismas, afectadas por las erupciones volcánicas en la isla de La Palma.

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465.000,00 €

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465.000,00 €

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465.000,00 €

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465.000,00 €





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