PLOCAN at the event “Offshore Wind in Canaries, an opportunity for growth”

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The Port Authority of Tenerife together with the Spanish Wind Energy Association (AEE) joined, in the Auditorium of the Spanish Oceanographic Institute of Tenerife, an extensive representation of the key actors of the offshore wind sector, including PLOCAN.

The event was opened by Tomás Romagosa, Technical Director of AEE, Carlos González, President of the Port Authority of Tenerife, and the Regional Minister of Ecological Transition, José Antonio Valbuena, who presented the strategy of the Government of The Canary Islands for the decarbonisation of the electric power system.

PLOCAN, represented by Alejandro Romero, spoke in the block dedicated to the institutional support highlighting the activities carried out by PLOCAN in the field of offshore wind as a test site and R&D hub in this sector, the objectives of new prototypes deployment before 2030 and the need to extend the test site with PLOCAN south and port areas.

The needs of the canarian electric grid were also analgised by Red Eléctrica Española as an isolated power system, in order to integrate the offshore wind. To conclude, representatives of the supply chain, promoters and developers analysed the opportunity represented by the offshore wind deployment in The Canary Islands.

The need of a regulatory framework aligned with the circumstances was claimed along the day, Alejandro Romero stressed the fact that “this is a unique opportunity, but we need an agile and efficient regulation”.

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