Engineers from the European INTERTAGUA project assemble new prototypes of marine fauna monitoring marks

A team of engineers from the Interactive Aquatic Interfaces Project for the Detection and Visualization of Mega Atlantic Marine Fauna and Ships in Macaronesia using Radio Transmitter Markers (INTERTAGUA) have begun to assemble new prototypes of tracking marks and are beginning to carry out functional tests.

New electronic components for the development of tracking mark prototypes have recently arrived at the ITI / LARSYS laboratory in Madeira (Interactive Technologies Institute (ITI LARSyS) is dedicated to the interdisciplinary field of HCI and includes psychology and social sciences, computing and creativity and design as core scientific areas), which allows progress in the goal of starting with the first tests of implementation of satellite tracking tags in turtles in early 2021.

PLOCAN coordinates the European project INTERTAGUA to research, develop and test innovative computer technologies in order to promote the social and economic potential of the Macaronesian oceans and coastal areas, in which institutes from Azores, Cabo Verde, Canary Islands and Madeira participate as partners.

This objective is pursued through the application of sensor, communication and monitoring technologies to allow conscious, voluntary and informed citizen participation in collaborative scientific activities in the field of the blue economy.

The INTERTAGUA project is co-financed by the INTERREG V Spain-Portugal Territorial Cooperation Program (MAC 2014-2020) / Cross-Border Cooperation through the priority axis “Enhancing research, technological development and innovation.”

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